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Four Postcards

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My friend Amy suggested a postcard-swap project. I love postcards, especially ones with bad photographs of boring or weird stuff. But in this case I checked the USPS site for postcard size definitions and rates then cut out some stiff paper, drew some pictures, and colored them with crayons. Crayon is not the subtlest of media, but I like that you can cover large areas and that it’s not wet or finicky (though now I have little tiny wax bits on my scanner, ugh). Anyhow here’s what I drew.

“Today is Headache City” is another take on a sketch originally done for an (unfinished) arty coloring book project called “Where the Clothes Hide.”




Mount Hood rescue comic

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Long time no post. So been working on a lengthy project since the Spring, what looks to now be a 4-part comic telling the tale of a mountain rescue in 1963. My father and uncle are some of the characters in this true story. I’m posting pages 1-5 below. If you’re interested in purchasing a real print version of this Reading Frenzy in Portland has a some copies. It’s currently titled “Up Above” but I am still in the market for a better name. So comment away.



The Mole Vs. Blood Woman–in Color

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A one-page jam comic from 4/3/93 by myself and Dr. Special. We took the time to color it.

From the archives of Michael Beattie (thanks, Mike!).

What will happen next? What is the spiky plant, and how will it help? Tune in sometime…actually Bill is visiting next week, so maybe we can do a twentieth anniversary sequel.

BTW one should check out Bill & his brother Clint’s precocious young cartooning efforts–Splat Comics.

Wait for John

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First half of “Wait for John: a Tale of Horror.” This was done as an assignment on adaptation for the IPRC Comics program. Probably more backgrounds and redrawn figures and other corrections/improvements to come, but like how some of these worked out, especially the wood gathering page.

Magic Cat

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A bird on a rock in the ocean. Not a scan, this is a photo.

Box Kite

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Memory comic set at Beverly Beach on the Oregon coast. Me, my brother, my dad and stepmom went down the coast, camping. Maybe I’ll do another auto-bio comic one day about salmon fishing at Depoe Bay and getting seasick and sunburned. Drawn around 10/27/2011.


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A diary comic. No, my legs don’t look like that.

The Ballad of AO

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OK, the assignment here was to do a relationship comic and use an unusual form. The spiral, for some reason (circling the drain?) came to be the form I chose. This is one of the comics I’d like to revise, both based on the helpful comments of the other IPRC Comics program folks and the sometimes-helpful comments of my inner critic. The kissing panel I’m particularly unhappy with–that is not a great anthropomorphic-cat-in-profile drawing. Oh and that should be “unbearable” in panel 9. Drawn around 10/19/2011.

Crater Lake Gas

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Not shown: Hai-Ting (except back of her hair).